IconDPlot Help Contents
IconGetting Started
IconGetting Started with XY Plots
IconGetting Started with XY Plots - Data From a Disk File
IconGetting Started with XY Plots - Data From Another Program
IconGetting Started with XY Plots - Data From an Equation
IconGetting Started with XY Plots - Entering Data Values
IconGetting Started with XYZ Surface Plots
IconGetting Started with XYZ Surface Plots - Data From a Disk File
IconGetting Started with XYZ Surface Plots - Data From Another Program
IconGetting Started with XYZ Surface Plots - Data From an Equation
IconGetting Started with XYZ Surface Plots - Entering Data Values
IconGetting Started with XYZ Scatter Plots
IconGetting Started with XYZ Scatter Plots - Data From a Disk File
IconGetting Started with XYZ Scatter Plots - Data From Another Program
IconGetting Started with XYZ Scatter Plots - Data From an Equation
IconGetting Started with XYZ Scatter Plots - Entering Data Values
IconGetting Started with 1D Plots
IconGetting Started with 1D Plots - Data From a Disk File
IconGetting Started with 1D Plots - Data From Another Program
IconGetting Started with 1D Plots - Entering Data Values
IconHow do I ...?
IconExample plots
IconEX01.GRF - The basics
IconEX02.GRF - Multiple dependent scales
IconEX03.GRF - Polar plots and number formatting
IconEX04.GRF - Multiple independent Y scales
IconEX05.GRF - Tripartite plots
IconEX08.GRF - Bar chart
IconEX09.GRF - Surface plot from an equation
IconEX10.GRF - Point labels
IconEX14.GRF - Triangle plot
IconEX16.GRF - Surface plot with concave boundary
IconData Entry
IconHow do I create a plot from scratch?
IconHow do I import data from another Windows application?
IconHow do I import data from a DOS application?
IconData Files
IconHow do I open a CSV (comma-separated values) file?
IconHow do I save a plot to an EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) file?
IconHow do I save a plot to a PDF (Portable Document Format) file?
IconHow do I save a collection of files to a different file format?
IconHow do I open and/or print a file from Explorer?
IconHow do I get rid of the prompt to save changed plots?
IconHow do I graph an equation?
IconHow do I make a graph of a circle?
IconHow do I graph an inequality?
IconHow do I graph the solution to a system of inequalities?
IconHow do I find the area under a curve?
IconHow do I print colors and/or gray shades on a B/W printer?
IconHow do I print several documents unattended?
IconHow do I print multiple documents on the same page?
IconHow do I print blank graph paper?
IconHow do I change the direction of the coordinate axes?
IconHow do I change the orientation of the numbers along each axis?
IconHow do I draw a smooth curve through sparse data?
IconHow do I create a series of plots with the same settings (scaling, labels, colors, etc.)?
IconHow do I change the line widths used for the coordinate axes and/or the grid?
IconHow do I change the format of the numbers appearing on the X and Y axes?
IconHow do I force DPlot to create a triangular mesh of my 3D points that is not convex?
IconHow do I create a scatter plot?
IconHow do I replace the numbers along the axes with custom text?
IconHow do I set error bars with unique error values?
IconHow do I create a polar plot?
IconHow do I create a bar chart?
IconHow do I create a grain size distribution plot?
IconHow do I specify a tick mark interval?
IconHow do I force scaling on the X axis to be equal to the scaling the Y axis?
IconStartup Options
IconHow do I specify options on the DPlot command line?
IconHow do I pan from side-to-side (or up-down) on a plot?
IconHow do I temporarily hide one or more curves on a crowded document?
IconHow do I distribute my DPlot files to others?
IconHow do I get help within DPlot?
IconLicense and Ordering Info
IconEvaluation License
IconCopyright, License, & Warranty
IconDPlot Ordering Information
IconDPlot Order Form
IconRegister DPlot
IconMenu Commands
IconFile Menu
IconNew command
IconOpen command
IconDPlot File
IconBendix Format Files
IconPacific Data Recorder Old Format
IconPacific Data Recorder New Format
IconNicolet Waveform File Specification Format
IconHDAS File Format
IconFile Import Plugin Modules
IconAppend command
IconSave command
IconSave As command
IconImage Properties
IconClose command
IconGet Preferences command
IconSave Preferences command
IconPrint command
IconMacro command
IconCreating and/or running a macro
IconResize Arrays command
Icon1, 2, 3, 4 command
IconExit command
IconEdit Menu
IconCopy Picture command
IconCopy Data Values command
IconCopy Dimensions command
IconPaste command
IconPaste Special command
IconInsert Link command
IconEdit Data command
IconDecimate command
IconFilter data command
IconLow Pass Filters
IconBaseline Shift command
IconList Editions command
IconSmooth command
IconEqual Intervals command
IconOperate on X command
IconOperate on Y command
IconOperate on Z command
IconEdit Mode command
IconRemove Random Spikes command
IconSwap X, Y command
IconText Menu
IconTitle/Axes command
IconLegend/Labels command
IconLabel Points command
IconFonts command
IconAdd/Edit Note command
IconText Placeholders
IconX,Y,Z Labels
IconOptions Menu
IconLinear/Log Scaling
IconTriangle Plot Options
IconPolar Plot Options
IconBar Chart Options
IconGrain Size Options
IconTripartite Options
IconGrid Lines or Box command
IconSymbol/Line Styles command
IconExtents/Intervals /Size command
IconSquare log cycles command
IconLog scale tick labels command
IconMultiple Axes command
IconFill Between Curves command
IconNumber Format command
IconColors command
IconAmplitude Limits command
IconData Processing command
IconBubble Plot command
IconVector Plot command
IconOHLC Chart command
IconError Bars command
IconReference Lines command
IconGenerate Mesh command
IconContour Options command
IconScatter Plot Options
IconSymbol Styles command (3D scatter plots)
IconBox and Whisker Plot Format
IconBox and Whisker Plot Attributes
IconDot Graph Format
IconDefine Boundary command
IconBackground Image command
IconInsert Image command
IconGeneral command
IconGenerate Menu
IconAverage All Curves command
IconMedian of All Curves command
IconPolynomial Curve Fit command
IconIntegrate a Curve
IconDifferentiate a Curve
IconFFT command
IconY=f(X) command
IconX=f(T), Y=g(T) command
IconZ=f(X,Y) command
IconX=f(T), Y=g(T), Z=h(T) command
IconY=Poly(Y) command
IconY=f(X,Y1,Y2,...) command
IconHistogram command
IconAverage Curve with Error Bars
IconXY Plot from 3D Surface command
IconFind Volume Under Surface command
IconFind Best-Fit Plane command
IconSubtract a Plane command
IconZ3=f(Z1,Z2) command
IconAverage Surfaces command
IconSwitch Independent Variable command
IconPlugin modules
IconInfo Menu
IconInterpolate command
IconScan X, Y command
IconList Peaks command
IconView Menu
IconPlayback command
IconToolbar description
IconWindow Menu
IconProgrammer's Reference
IconUsing WinExec to plot an existing file
IconSending data to DPlot from another application
IconAAxisLabel macro command
IconAbout command
IconActivate command
IconAddCurves command
IconAppHide command
IconAppMaximize command
IconAppMinimize command
IconAppRestore command
IconAppShow command
IconAutoScale command
IconAutoSize command
IconAverageAll command
IconAverageAndReplace command
IconAxes_At_Zero command
IconAxisArrowheads command
IconAxisColor command
IconAxisType command
IconBarChartStyle command
IconBarWidth command
IconBaselineShift command
IconBkColor command
IconBkPlotColor command
IconBubbles command
IconCall command
IconCaption command
IconClipY command
IconClearEditFlag command
IconColor command
IconColorBasis command
IconColorCycle command
IconColumnsAre command
IconCombineCurves command
IconCompare command
IconContour3D command
IconContourAxes command
IconContourBarWidth command
IconContourColorScheme command
IconContourCustomColors command
IconContourCustomLevels command
IconContourDrawSides command
IconContourGrid command
IconContourLabelLines command
IconContourLegend command
IconContourLegendFrequency command
IconContourLevels command
IconContourLighting command
IconContourMethod command
IconContourResetExtents command
IconContourScales command
IconContourView command
IconContourViewChange macro command
IconCopyPicture command
IconCopyText command
IconCurveFit command
IconCurveLabel command
IconDataProcess command
IconDataProcessLabels command
IconDateFormat command
IconDecimalDigits command
IconDeleteLabel command
IconDeferMinMaxCheck command
IconDeleteImage command
IconDeleteNote command
IconDeleteRefLine command
IconDeleteThinTriangles command
IconDenseGridLines command
IconDifferentiate command
IconDirectory command
IconDivideCurves command
IconDocHide command
IconDocMaximize command
IconDocMinimize command
IconDocRestore command
IconDocShow command
IconEditAddToX command
IconEditAddToY command
IconEditDecimate command
IconEditEqualInts command
IconEditErase command
IconEditEraseData command
IconEditFilter command
IconEditMultiplyX command
IconEditMultiplyY command
IconEditNormalize command
IconEditOperateX command
IconEditOperateY command
IconEditOperateZ command
IconEditRemoveSpikes command
IconEditRemoveTrend command
IconEditReplaceData command
IconEditSmooth command
IconEditSort command
IconEditSubtractMean command
IconEditSwapXY command
IconEditTruncate command
IconEnable command
IconErrorBar command
IconErrorBarPenWidth command
IconErrorBarWidth command
IconErrorMessages command
IconFFT command
IconFFTMethod command
IconFFTPhase command
IconFileAppend command
IconFileArrays command
IconFileClose command
IconFileExit command
IconFileMacro command
IconFileNew command
IconFileNewEx command
IconFileOpen command
IconFilePageSetup command
IconFilePrint command
IconFilePrintMultiple command
IconFileSaveAs command
IconFileType command
IconFillBetween command
IconFillStyle command
IconFindIntersections command
IconFontPoints command
IconForAllDocuments command
IconForFilesIn command
IconFunctionOfXY1Y2 command
IconFXY1Y2_XFrom command
IconGeneralOptions command
IconGenerateMesh command
IconGetPreferences command
IconGrainSizeFlags command
IconGrainSizeFlagsEx command
IconGrainSizeOther command
IconGridLines command
IconGridLinesOnTop command
IconGridLineType command
IconHelpContents command
IconHelpSearch command
IconHideCurve command
IconHistogram command
IconIndependentTicks command
IconInfoInterpolate command
IconInfoScan command
IconInsertImage command
IconInsertLink command
IconInsertXY command
IconIntegrate command
IconInvertAxis command
IconLabelDirection command
IconLegend command
IconLegendParams command
IconLegendShow command
IconLineType command
IconLineWidth command
IconListPeaksOptions command
IconLogTicks command
IconLump command
IconManualScale command
IconMedians command
IconMenuHide command
IconMenuShow command
IconMenuUpdates command
IconMoveCurves command
IconMultipleXAxes command
IconMultipleYAxes command
IconMultiplyCurves command
IconNextDocument command
IconNextFile command
IconNoteButtonText command
IconNoteOptions command
IconNotePosition command
IconNoteTabstops command
IconNoteText command
IconNSEW command
IconNumberFormat command
IconNumTicks command
IconOHLC macro command
IconOverlayDocument command
IconPaste command
IconPasteLink command
IconPause command
IconPolarPlotStyle command
IconPostponeRedraw command
IconPreserve3DScaleFactor command
IconProbabilityFlags command
IconRefLine command
IconRemoveLink command
IconReorderCurves command
IconRepaint command
IconRequest function
IconRunPlugin command
IconSavePreferences command
IconSaveUndo command
IconScale command
IconScatterPlotLines command
IconSelectCurve command
IconSetBackgroundImage command
IconSetBitmapDims command
IconSetClientRect command
IconSetDecimalSymbol command
IconSetFilename macro command
IconSetImageCrop command
IconSetMetafileDims command
IconSetOutputWindow command
IconSetPanFraction command
IconSetPluginImageDims command
IconSetWindowPos command
IconShell command
IconShowCaption command
IconShowCurve command
IconShowDate command
IconSize command
IconSplitDateTime command
IconSquareLogCycles command
IconStartStop command
IconStat_AddData command
IconStat_AddGroup command
IconStat_Box command
IconStat_BWOptions command
IconStat_DotOptions command
IconStat_DrawLegend command
IconStat_GrandMean command
IconStat_GroupInfo command
IconStat_LimitsAsCL command
IconStat_MeanFormat command
IconStat_Outliers command
IconStat_PlotType command
IconStat_RefLine command
IconStat_Rotated command
IconStat_Scaling command
IconStat_Whiskers command
IconSubtractCurves command
IconSwitchX command
IconSymbolClip command
IconSymbolCycleColors command
IconSymbolFillBackground command
IconSymbolFrequency command
IconSymbolOpacity command
IconSymbolOutline command
IconSymbolOutlineColor command
IconSymbolSize command
IconSymbolSizeUnits command
IconSymbolType command
IconTextFont command
IconTextNote command
IconTextNote3D command
IconTextNoteEx command
IconTextNoteLeader command
IconTextPointLabel command
IconTextPointLabel3D command
IconTextPointLabelLeader command
IconTickInterval command
IconTickMarks command
IconTimeFormat command
IconTitle1 command
IconTitle2 command
IconTitle3 command
IconTitle4 command
IconTriangleFlags command
IconTripartiteFlags command
IconUseNameAsLegend command
IconVectorPlot command
IconVectorPlotColors command
IconVectorPlotOptions command
IconViewRedraw command
IconViewStatusBar command
IconViewToolBar command
IconWindowCascade command
IconWindowTile command
IconXAxisLabel command
IconX2AxisLabel command
IconXLabel command
IconXY command
IconXYLabel command
IconXYXY command
IconXYZ command
IconXYZ_To_XY command
IconXYZEx command
IconXYZRegen command
IconY2AxisLabel command
IconY2TopDown command
IconYAxisHorizontal command
IconYAxisLabel command
IconYCutoff command
IconZAxisLabel command
IconPlugins for File Import, Export and Data Manipulation
IconKeyboard Shortcuts
IconRight-Click and Mouse Wheel Operations
IconABS function
IconACOS function
IconACOSH function
IconAND function
IconASIN function
IconASINH function
IconATAN function
IconATAN2 function
IconATANH function
IconBESSELJ function
IconBESSELY function
IconCDF function
IconCEIL function
IconCOS function
IconCOSH function
IconDATE function
IconDAY function
IconERF function
IconERFC function
IconEXP function
IconFACT function
IconFLOOR function
IconFPOWER function
IconGCD function
IconLCM function
IconLOG function
IconLOG10 function
IconMAX function
IconMIN function
IconMOD function
IconMONTH function
IconMROUND function
IconNORMDIST function
IconNORMDISTCDF function
IconNORMINV function
IconNORMRAND function
IconNOT function
IconOR function
IconPMT function
IconRANDBETWEEN function
IconRND function
IconROUND function
IconSIGN function
IconSIN function
IconSINH function
IconSQRT function
IconSUM function
IconTAN function
IconTANH function
IconWEEKDAY function
IconWEEKNUM function
IconXOR function
IconYEAR function
IconError Messages
IconKnown Problems
IconTechnical Support
IconContact information
IconNotes for DPlot Jr and DPlot Viewer users
IconTransferring data
IconUsing the DPlot Interface Add-In for Microsoft Excel
IconXYXY Add-In command
IconXYYY Add-In command
IconX,Y,Label command
IconBar chart command
IconBar chart, data in rows command
IconOneCurvePerRow Add-In command
IconXYZSurface Add-In command
IconXYZScatter Add-In command
IconZGrid Add-In command
IconOneD Add-In command
IconTransferring DPlot plots to other applications
IconTransferring DPlot data to other applications

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