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Average Curve with Error Bars command (Generate menu)

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This command generates a new document showing mean (average) values of Y for all points within a user-specified interval in X. The command also creates error bars with a choice for the error bar amplitudes of:

1.Mean minus the extreme high and low amplitudes.
2.Standard error from the mean. For purposes of this command, standard error is the standard deviation divided by the square root of the number of points within any interval.
3.Standard deviation. Standard deviation is defined by

If the "Group X values within interval" value is set to 0, points are grouped only if the X coordinate is exactly the same. Otherwise input X values are rounded to the nearest interval.

The "Start at X=" entry determines the starting value of X in the output, with all subsequent X values being equal to that start value + some whole number times the interval. "Start at X=" is not used if the interval is set to 0 (no grouping).


With "High and Low extremes" selected and an interval of 2.0, "Start at X" = 0, this graph:

produces this result:


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