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Register DPlot

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If you paid the DPlot registration fee:

If you paid the DPlot registration fee and received a registration number from HydeSoft Computing or an authorized reseller, OR if you received a free copy of DPlot from an authorized distributor, please enter your name and registration number exactly as they appeared on the instructions you received with DPlot. You cannot substitute a different spelling for the name or use a different name. If entered correctly, the registrant's name will appear in the About dialog box, and the registration reminder dialog box will no longer be displayed when you start DPlot. Please save this information for possible use with future upgrades, or in case you re-install DPlot.

Note: If your name is spelled incorrectly in the instructions, please write to the address in the About dialog box with the correct spelling, and you will receive a new registration number.


If you have not yet paid the DPlot registration fee:

If you downloaded an evaluation version of DPlot, or if you received this version of DPlot on a disk or CD with a book or with other hardware or software, and you have not paid the DPlot registration fee, you are licensed to use DPlot for evaluation purposes only, subject to the Evaluation License.

For information on purchasing a license to use DPlot for non-evaluation purposes, see the section Ordering Information.



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