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Linear/Log Scaling

Change how the data is scaled to device.

Grid Lines or Box

Controls the appearance of the X and Y axes.

Scatter Plot

Set all line styles to “None” and symbol styles (for curves not currently using symbols) to filled circles. For more control over line and symbol styles, use:

Symbol/Line Styles

Change the line styles, line widths, symbol style and symbol sizes used in the graph.

Extents/Intervals /Size

Set the extents of the plot, number of tick marks and/or tick mark interval, and the physical size of the plot.

Tick Marks

Controls the placement (inside, outside, or both) and length of minor and major tick marks.

Square Log Cycles

Toggles state of the appearance of log cycles.

Log Scale Tick Labels

Determines frequency of tick mark labels on logarithmic scales.

Multiple Axes

Presents several choices for scaling the X and Y axes.

Number Formats

Allows you to change the appearance of numbers.


Change color palettes used for drawing curves.

Fill Between Curves

Draws a hatched pattern or solid fill between two curves.

Bubble Plot

Set source curve for bubble magnitudes, and set bubble color, size, and symbol used.

Vector Plot

Set parameters for vector plot (4 dimensional plot: x,y,angle,magnitude).

OHLC Chart

Set parameters for an Open-High-Low-Close chart (primarily used for stock market data).

Error Bars

Set parameters for error bars for one or more curves.

Reference Lines

Draw horizontal or vertical lines at specified X or Y values

Amplitude Limits

Specify amplitude range outside which points are ignored, potentially creating gaps in your curves.

Background Image

Allows you to specify a bitmap image to draw in a graph's background covering the entire plot extents.

Insert Image

Specify up to 4 clipart images to be placed at various locations around or within the plot.

Data Processing

Automatically generate integrations and set plotting options.


Odds and ends that don't fit anywhere else. Always maximize DPlot, prompt to save changed plots, and allow undo.

Contour Plots Only

Contour Options

Control the appearance of contour plots

Generate Mesh

Generate a rectangular grid of data values from the current 3D surface plot

Define Boundary

Allows you to define a concave exterior boundary and/or holes in a surface.

Set Limits to Min/Max in Box

Drag the cursor across the plot to define a box. The minimum and maximum Z values within that box will then be used as the lower and upper contour intervals. Disabled in 3D views.

3D Scatter Plots Only

Scatter Plot Options

Control the appearance of 3D scatter plots

1D Statistics Plots Only

Box-and-Whisker Plot/Dot Graph

Both the Box-and-Whisker Plot and Dot Graph serve as 2-dimensional displays to visually compare the mean or median values and variability of several groups. In essence, the display gives the user a sense for the distribution of values for each group.


Controls the parameters and attributes of statistical plots.


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