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Swap X, Y command (Edit menu)

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Switches the X and Y values for one or more curves on an XY plot or for all values in a 3D surface plot or scatter plot.

For 3D plots this option might be useful if, for example, your input files are ordered latitude, longitude, elevation (rather than longitude, latitude, elevation).

For XY plots, if the graph contains more than one curve you will be prompted for which curves to perform this operation on. If the result has progressively smaller X values, then the order is automatically reversed so that X increases.

For all 3D plots and for XY plots in which this operation is performed on all curves, in addition to swapping the X,Y values this command will swap the values for the following attributes (some of which are only relevant to XY plots):

Options>Extents/Intervals /Size:

User-specified extents
Invert X, Invert Y settings
User-specified tick mark intervals or number of tick marks per axis.
Minor tick mark intervals
Plot width and height

Number formats (Options>Number Formats)

Multiple axis settings (Options>Multiple Axes)

Primary and secondary X and Y axis labels. (Text>Title/Axes)

Scaling for XY plots. If the original plot used linear scaling on the X axis and logarithmic scaling on the Y axis, for example, then the resulting plot with use logarithmic scaling on the X axis and linear scaling on the Y axis.

Please note that none of the above modifications are made to XY plots if the graph contains more than one curve and you do not swap X,Y values for all curves.



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