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How do I pan from side-to-side (or up-down) on a plot?

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Very easily! Use your keyboard's arrow keys to pan the plot 1/2 width or height at a time. Press the CTRL key in conjunction with the arrow keys to pan 1/20th of the extents. This feature works only on linear or logarithmic scales of XY plots, Mercator projections, and 2D views of surface plots.

If Click and drag to zoom on the General Options screen is unchecked, you may also pan by clicking and dragging the mouse. When using the mouse, you can restrict the panning motion to horizontal, vertical, or 45 degree increments by simultaneously pressing the Shift key. You can forego use of the Shift key to restrict the panning direction by checking the Restrict mouse panning to H/V/45° option on the View menu.

NOTE: Logarithmic scales will always pan an integer number of log cycles, regardless of the extents of the plot.


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