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Decimate command (Edit menu)

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Provides three different methods for reducing the number of data points in a curve. Since all of the decimation processes are irreversible, DPlot gives you the option of either replacing or preserving the curve that is operated on. Select the Replace existing curve checkbox to replace the original curve with the decimated data. Leave the box unchecked to preserve the original data and produce a new, decimated curve.

Average Points

Averages a user-specified number of amplitudes. Peak values may be lost.

Welch Depopulation Scheme

Preserves only those points that prevent the output record from departing from the original data by more than a user-specified ratio of the range between minimum and maximum input values. Peak value is preserved. Generally has the best performance of the three methods, but may lose detail in low-amplitude regions of the data. Developed by Dr. Bob Welch of the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi.


Skip Points

Preserves every Nth point, where N is user-specified. Peak values may be lost.


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