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Nicolet Waveform File Specification Format

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This file format is created with the the Nicolet System 400 Digital Oscilloscope.

These files consist of a header block followed by data representing measured voltage. The header structure used in these files is defined below:

typedef struct tagHEADER {

char    Nic_id0[2];              /* 3 indicates Intel

                                    byte ordering     */

char    Nic_id1[2];              /* 1 indicates time domain

                                   (rather than frequency */

char    Nic_id2[2];

char    User_id[2];

char    Header_size[12];

char    File_size[12];

char    File_format_version[12];

char    Waveform_title[81];

char    Date_year[3];

char    Date_month[3];

char    Date_day[3];

char    Time[12];

char    Data_Count[12];          /* Number of raw data values */

char    Vertical_zero[12];

char    Vertical_norm[24];

char    User_vertical_zero[24];

char    User_vertical_norm[24];

char    User_vertical_label[11];

char    User_horizontal_zero[24];

char    User_horizontal_norm[24];

char    User_horizontal_label[11];

char    User_Notes[129];

char    Audit[196];

char    Nicolet_Digitizer_Type[21];

char    Bytes_per_data_point[3]; /* Must be 2 for DPlot */

char    Resolution[3];

char    Forward_link[81];

char    Backward_link[81];

char    Process_flag[3];

char    Data_compression[3];

char    Number_of_segments[12];

char    Length_of_each_segment[12];

char    Number_of_timebases[12];

char    Reserved_1[156];

char    Length_of_zone_1[12];

char    Horiz_norm_zone_1[24];

char    Horiz_zero_zone_1[24];

char    Length_of_zone_2[12];   /* Must be null char for DPlot */

char    Horiz_norm_zone_2[24];

char    Horiz_zero_zone_2[24];

char    Length_of_zone_3[12];   /* Must be null char for DPlot */

char    Horiz_norm_zone_3[24];

char    Horiz_zero_zone_3[24];

char    Reserved_2[332];

char    End_of_HDELTAS[1];

char    End_of_readable_file[1];


Raw data starts immediately after the header, or at the offset specified by the Header_size member of the header. Time values and Engineering units for the i'th data point are determined by:

Time = ((float(i)*Horizontal_Norm) + Horizontal_Zero ) *

       User_Horizontal_Norm + User_Horizontal_Zero;

Y    = ((float(RawData)-Vertical_Zero ) * Vertical_Norm ) *

       User_Vertical_Norm + User_Vertical_Zero;

where Horizontal_Norm, Horizontal_Zero, User_Horizontal_Norm, User_Horizontal_Zero, Vertical_Norm, Vertical_Zero, User_Vertical_Norm, and User_Vertical_Zero have been translated from the corresponding character strings in the header to floating point numbers.



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