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Paste command (Edit menu)

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Creates a new curve with data from the Clipboard. The source of the data may be a word processor, spreadsheet, or any Windows application capable of copying data to the Clipboard, as well as a DOS application running in a window.


       Click on the toolbar.


Data organization

For XY plots, data should be organized as X-Y pairs, or X followed by multiple Y values for each X. Each X data value must start on a new line. For 3D plots, each line should consist of X,Y,Z values. Values may be separated by spaces, commas, tabs, or semicolons. If the decimal symbol is a comma, the columns should be separated by tabs or semicolons. For 1D plots, the first line should contain a character string description of the group, followed by the amplitudes for the group with 1 or more values per line. For XY and 3D plots, data may be preceded by one line of column headings. If present, headings will be used for the axis labels or the legend in the case of XY plots with multiple curves.

Please note: When you first start DPlot, the blank document window is set up for an XY plot. If you want to paste 1D or 3D data into a new document, either 1) open a new document using the appropriate data type under File>New, or 2) Use the Paste Special command rather than Paste. Otherwise the clipboard contents will be interpreted as 2D data.


For XY plots, in addition to numbers DPlot will also accept columns consisting of dates, times, date-time pairs, currencies, and percentages. Date format is flexible but entries must be separated by a dash (-) or forward slash (/). If the month is specified as a number, then DPlot assumes the order is m/d/y unless you use 4 digit years. These date forms (for Jun 8, 2005) are acceptable:


but 'June 8, 2005' is not.

Time values should be in the form h:m:s AM/PM, using ':' as the separator. Leading zeroes are acceptable. If the AM or PM designation is omitted, DPlot assumes a 24 hour clock.

Date-time pairs should be in the form 'm/d/yy h:m:s AM/PM'.

Only dollar signs and British pound signs are accepted as currency symbols. The currency symbol should precede the value, as in '$56.23'. If monetary values include a comma for the thousands separator, the entry must be surrounded by double quotation marks. This is the same scheme used by Excel when saving CSV files.

Percentages should be followed by a percent sign (%). DPlot divides the number by 100 and uses Percent number formatting on the associated axis when appropriate.

Any other data type will be ignored, but in general will be allowed. If blank entries are included, the columns must be tab-separated or comma-separated to be interpreted correctly. Entries must not contain commas or tabs unless they are surrounded by double quotation marks.

Copying data from a DOS application

You may copy data either from a full-screen application or a windowed application. However, when running a full-screen application, you can copy only an image of the contents of the entire screen onto the Clipboard, so you increase the likelihood of copying invalid characters.

To copy selected information onto the Clipboard

1Click the application's Control-menu box.

 Or press ALT+SPACEBAR to open the Control menu.

2From the Control menu, choose Edit.
3From the Edit cascading menu, choose Mark.
4In your document, select the information you want to copy.
5Click the application's Control-menu box.

 Or press ALT+SPACEBAR to open the Control menu.

6From the Control menu, choose Edit.
7From the Edit cascading menu, choose Copy.


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