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Getting Started with XY Plots - Entering Data Values

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Select the Edit data command on the Edit menu to enter new data values for a new curve or edit and/or add data values to an existing curve.


Click  on the toolbar.

You can edit points and/or add a point by clicking on the plot with your mouse. To edit the currently selected point, click the left mouse button at the desired location. To add a new point, press the Ctrl key while clicking. If the Snap mouse box is checked, the coordinates of the point selected with the mouse will be rounded to “nicer” values: one tenth the tick mark interval on linear scales, for example. If you want to enter a new point that lies outside the extents of the graph, use the Zoom out button or one of the 4 pan buttons.


The default scaling for any new XY plot is linear X, linear Y. You can change the scaling (logarithmic X and/or Y, probability scale, polar chart, bar chart, ternary plot, etc.) by right-clicking within the box surrounding the plot and selecting the scaling option from the drop-down menu. Scaling options are also accessible via the Linear/Log Scaling command on the Options menu.

Symbols/Line Types

To change the symbol type or line type used by a curve, right-click on the curve and select the appropriate symbol and/or line type. Alternatively, select the Symbol/Line Styles command on the Options menu.

Scale Extents, Tick Marks, Plot Size

To change the extents of the X or Y axis, change the tick mark interval used, or to change the physical size of the plot, select Options>Extents/Intervals /Size.

Number Format

To change the number format used on any axis (to dates, date and time groups, multiples of PI, powers of 10, etc.), right-click on any of those numbers and select the appropriate format. To specify that a 1000 separator should be used, to specify the number of decimal places used, or to change the orientation of those numbers, right-click on any of those numbers and select “More number format options...”. Alternatively select the Number Formats command on the Options menu.



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