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How do I create a plot from scratch?

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1)Open a new document window if necessary by selecting the appropriate New command on the File menu. For XY plots you may also open a new document window by pressing CTRL+N.
2)For XY plots the current maximum number of curves and maximum number of data points per curve is shown on the right side of the status bar at the lower edge of the DPlot window. If either of these values is insufficient for the new document, enter new values by selecting the Resize Arrays command on the File Menu or by double-clicking the "Max Size:" area of the status bar.
3)Select the Edit Data command on the Edit menu or click the Edit Data button on the toolbar.

Edit Data button

XY Plots Only

You can edit points and/or add a point by clicking on the plot with your mouse. To edit the currently selected point, click the left mouse button at the desired location. To add a new point, press the Ctrl key while clicking. If the Snap mouse box is checked, the coordinates of the point selected with the mouse will be rounded to “nicer” values: one tenth the tick mark interval on linear scales, for example. If you want to enter a new point that lies outside the extents of the graph, use the Zoom out button or one of the 4 pan buttons. The zoom and pan buttons may be disabled, dependent on the scaling type. For example, you cannot pan with a polar plot.

For XY plots you of course need at least 2 points to draw a line segment, though you can draw a symbol at a single point.

3D/4D Plots

At least 3 non-collinear points (projected onto the XY plane) with at least 2 points having a variation in Z are required for a surface plot. DPlot will remove points as needed to eliminate pairs of points with identical X,Y values, preserving the point with the maximum Z value.

Scatter plots require at least 2 points with a variation in Z. Unlike surface plots, you can have multiple points with identical X,Y values.

1D Plots (Box-and-whisker plots, dot graphs)

1D plots require at least 2 amplitudes per group. Groups with less than 2 points are removed.

Click OK to accept your changes. To edit any of the existing data points or enter additional data points, create a new curve for an XY plot, group for a 1D plot, or new data set for a 3D/4D scatter plot, select the Edit Data command again.



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