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Paste Special command (Edit menu)

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This command allows you to specify whether data on the clipboard is 2D, 3D, etc. You may also elect to link to the source application, if the source provides link information. Finally, you can use this command to tell DPlot that the clipboard text contains a column of point labels.

To create a link between a source document and a dependent plot in DPlot

Both applications must be Microsoft Windows applications.

1Open the source document in the server application.
2Select the source data you want to copy into the dependent document in DPlot. See the documentation for the server application for more information on selecting data.
3From the Edit menu, choose Copy.
4Switch to the dependent document window in DPlot.
5Select Paste Special from the Edit menu. Check the Link box, change the data type if necessary, then click OK.

If the Link box is disabled, the other application does not support linking or cannot supply the data in a format that DPlot can use.

Saving links

Link information is normally saved to a DPlot file, so that when you reopen the file the link will be automatically established if the source application is open, or you will be prompted for whether you want to launch that application if it is not open.

Link information only saved if the link is still active. Links are deleted when the source application is closed. So if you want, for example, to save a link to an Excel spreadsheet within a DPlot file so that the link is reestablished when you reopen the DPlot file, save the DPlot file before you close the Excel spreadsheet.

Data organization and Format

Data should be organized and formatted as described under the Help topic for the Paste command.


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