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Grain Size Options command

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This command allows you to change the appearance of grain size distribution plots.


Right-click within an existing grain size distribution plot and select Grain Size Options.

Specify sieve size labels

If unchecked, DPlot will start drawing labels at the largest size that is within the extents of the plot, and subsequently draw only those labels which will not overlap previously-drawn labels. Note that the result of this behavior will be dependent on the font size used for the numbers along the axes (also used for sieve labels) and the physical size of the plot. If checked, DPlot will draw the selected labels without regard to whether the labels overlap. The "Other ASTM sizes" sieve labels will only be drawn if "Specify sieve size labels" is checked and "Use British standard sieve sizes" is unchecked.

Other sizes

If Specify sieve size labels is checked, you may enter up to 4 custom sieve sizes not shown in the list above. Sieve sizes with a 0 size value are ignored. The “description” label will be drawn at the top of the plot.

Use Udden-Wentworth scale rather than AASHTO scale

This setting effects the appearance of the aggregrate classification scale appearing below the X axis. For more information see Udden-Wentworth scale and/or AASHTO.

X Axis Units

NOTE:  Changing units does NOT alter the input data in any way. By default, grain size distribution plots expect grain sizes in millimeters. This selection allows you to select inches or enter a conversion factor for user-defined units. If you select "user-defined" units, you must enter a positive value for the conversion factor. The grain size units are used to map sieve sizes to the X axis.


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