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Save command (File menu)

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Use this command to save the active document in the DPlot file format. When you save a document for the first time, DPlot displays the Save As dialog box so you can name your document. If you want to change the name, location, or format of an existing document before you save it, choose the Save As command.

If this file was previously saved as a compressed DPlot file, it will again be saved in compressed form without your interaction. Likewise, if the file was uncompressed, it will be saved uncompressed. If you want to save an uncompressed document as compressed or vice versa, use the Save As command. DPlot uses the ZLIB algorithm to compress files. Though the compression algorithm is identical to the ZIP format, compressed DPlot files cannot be opened by WinZip® or similar archive utilities. They can, of course, be opened by DPlot.



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