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Copy Picture command (Edit menu)

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Copies a metafile and a bitmap image to the Clipboard. A metafile preserves all of the information content of a plot. The metafile picture can be scaled and rotated without distortion, and individual graphic entities (fonts, for example) may be edited. A metafile is device-independent, so the resolution of the image will be that of the final destination output device. Metafiles, however, are not created for any view of surface plots with filled color bands (simply because the format is not designed for this type of image and would be very large if created). The bitmap image created by DPlot differs from the normal Windows screen capture in that the image size is not necessarily the same size as the document client area. DPlot will instead use the dimensions specified with the Copy Dimensions command. The title bar, menu, and window borders are not included in the image.



Click on the toolbar.

Output size

If "Set Plot Size" on the Extents/Intervals/Size dialog box is not checked, DPlot produces a metafile with dimensions specified by the Copy Dimensions command. These dimensions may be changed in the destination application, but you then risk not being able to match font sizes with the intended size. For best results, you should enter the desired dimensions for the entire picture using the Copy Dimensions command, or dimensions for the box surrounding the plot using the Extents/Intervals/Size command before copying the plot to the Clipboard. Dimensions entered with Extents/Intervals/Size take precedence over those entered with the Copy Dimensions command.

Clipboard format

Many applications that allow you to paste data from the Clipboard will accept a variety of clipboard formats. Microsoft Word, for example, will accept either a bitmap or metafile picture. The target application determines which format to use when the Paste command is selected. Most applications that accept multiple clipboard formats have a Paste Special command in addition to the Paste command. To select a format different than the default, use the Paste Special command in the target application.


In addition to a metafile picture and bitmap DPlot also copies "link" information to the Clipboard. Any Windows application that supports a Paste Link command can be linked to the DPlot plot, so that changes made to the plot by DPlot are automatically transferred to the client application. For example, in Microsoft Word select the Paste Special command, check the Paste Link box, and select OK. Any subsequent changes to the plot in DPlot will cause the picture in Word to be automatically updated. Please note that when using the Paste Link option it is up to the client application (not DPlot) to select the desired format (metafile or bitmap). Word, for example, will always request an updated metafile picture rather than a bitmap, even if "bitmap" is selected in the Paste Special dialog.

Problems with metafiles

Please see the Known Problems section for a description of problems with various Office products, and their solutions.


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