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How do I open and/or print a file from Explorer?

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The DPlot setup program offered the option to automatically associate files with a .GRF extension with DPlot. If you selected that option, then to open a file with a .GRF extension while in Explorer you can either:

Double-click on the selected filename, or
Select the filename, click the right mouse button, then select Open from the menu.

Likewise, to print a file with a .GRF extension while in Explorer, select the filename, click the right mouse button, then choose Print.

Whether the GRF extension is associated with DPlot or not, you can select a file in Explorer (or any other drag-drop source), drag it outside of Explorer's window, and drop it onto DPlot's window. When you drop files from Explorer onto DPlot running either as an icon or in it's normal (restored) state, DPlot opens the file dropped onto it. Drag-and-drop works with other file formats, too. DPlot attempts to determine the file type as described under Specifying a File on the Command Line.

You can select several files at once using the CTRL key and drag them all with the mouse. Each file will be opened in a separate document window within DPlot.


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