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XY Plot from 3D Surface command (Generate menu)

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Creates a new XY plot from the intersections of a specified vertical plane with the 3D surface. The plane may be defined with

The equation Y=mX+b. In a 2D view, a horizontal (constant Y) line has 0 slope (m=0) and b = the amplitude (constant Y).
Constant X; i.e. a vertical line when viewed in 2D.
A line passing through 2 x,y pairs. Alternatively to using the text boxes, with this option selected you can also click on the plot to select each point.
These points are not necessarily the endpoints of the generated curve, they are only used to define the intersection plane.

After clicking OK, DPlot finds the intersections of the specified vertical plane with each triangle on the 3D surface plot. (To view these triangles, check "Borders" on the Contour Options dialog). For all but "X=constant", the dependent axis will be X values from your surface plot. For "X=constant" the dependent axis will be Y values from your surface plot. For non-zero slopes, the generated XY plot will include a second X axis with Y values from the intersection plane.

The generated XY plot will copy the first 2 title lines from your surface plot (if they exist) and the X and/or Y and Z axis labels from your surface plot, or use default axis labels if the surface plot does not have axis labels. The 3rd title line will specify the intersection plane.


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