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New command (File menu)

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Opens a new document window. If you have previously saved document preferences to a settings file named DEFAULT.SET in the Preferences folder below the Application Data\DPlot folder (using the Save Preferences command on the File menu), the new document window will use those attributes.

For XY plots DPlot attempts to allocate arrays for the X,Y data pairs using the maximum number of curves and points last entered using the Resize Arrays command. If there is not sufficient memory for allocating those arrays, DPlot presents an error message explaining the problem.  This might happen if you have many plots each containing many millions of data points. You may correct the problem by:

1)        Entering smaller values for either or both of the number of curves and number of points, then selecting OK.
2)Select Cancel, close one or more document windows, and select New again.


       Click  on the toolbar.


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