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Fonts command (Text menu)

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Allows you to change the typeface, color, size, and other attributes of the fonts used to display various labels.


Click  on the toolbar.

Character size

DPlot uses the user-specified character size when: 1) the output device is not a display monitor, or 2) DPlot's window has been maximized. For non-maximized windows, DPlot proportions the size of characters so that a plot will have the same general appearance as a maximized window. If the WYSIWYG option of the Extents/Intervals/Size command is in effect, then fonts are scaled down, if necessary, so that a plot on the display will have the same appearance as a printed copy.


By default, DPlot uses a TrueType Arial font for all text.

Be sure that you have enabled TrueType fonts using the Fonts option of ControlPanel before running DPlot. TrueType fonts will generally provide the best performance across multiple output devices, and are the only standard fonts that can be rotated reliably.

If printing to a pen plotter, DPlot selects the plotter's stick font, regardless of which typeface you have chosen.

Saving font options

On exit from DPlot, font information is stored in the initialization file DPLOT.INI, found in the Application Data\DPlot folder. If DPLOT.INI is erased or otherwise damaged, DPlot will use the default TrueType Arial font until you select new fonts. Font point sizes are saved to a DPlot data file.


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