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Subtract a Plane command (Generate menu)

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Subtracts a plane (z=Ax+By+C) from the amplitudes (z values) of a surface plot. You can specify the plane to subtract in one of three ways:

Click on and/or type 3 points

Enter x, y, and z values for 3 data points or alternatively click on the plot (2D views only) to select one point after another. In the latter case DPlot will use the values of the data point closest to the mouse pointer. The three points must not be collinear. Once 3 points that uniquely define a plane are entered or selected, the equation of the corresponding plane will be shown below the text boxes.

Specify plane equation

Enter the coefficients in the equation z=Ax+By+C.

Use best-fit plane

Subtract the least squares plane that best fits the data. This is the same plane solved for by the Find best-fit plane menu command.


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