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Remove Random Spikes command (Edit menu)

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This procedure is useful for removing single samples with high amplitudes which bear no relation to the true record. The default conditions defining a spike are:

The above inequality states that the ratio of the two sides of a spike must be nearly unity. You may elect to modify the 0.75 and 1.25 constants, though this is rarely necessary for true spikes.

The condition which defines the sizes of spikes to be removed is:

where Range is the current range in amplitudes for the record. Again, you can modify the constant (default=0.1) in the above inequality. If any sample in a record meets both of the conditions described above, it is considered a spike and replaced with the average of the adjacent values.

Show Spikes

Click this button to draw small black squares at each data point that meets the spike criteria. If you change any of the above three criteria you can click Show Spikes again to note any change.


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