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How do I create a series of plots with the same settings (scaling, labels, colors, etc.)?

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There are a number of ways to accomplish this. Which method is best for you will depend on the frequency with which you use these same settings.

1)Create the first plot with all of the formatting that you want to use in subsequent plots. Select Save Preferences on the File menu. After creating any subsequent plots, whether by DDE, reading a file, pasting from the Clipboard, or entering values using Edit Data, use Get Preferences on the File menu to restore your previously saved preferences. This includes titles and axis labels (existing labels will not be replaced), colors, line styles, scaling, etc.
You can easily help automate this last step by creating a macro to open this preferences file and assigning a hotkey to the macro. For example, this macro:
GetPreferences(“c:\program files\dplot\myprefs.set”)
will read the file myprefs.set and redraw the plot using the settings found in that file.
2)Same as above, but save your preferences to DEFAULT.SET in the default preferences folder (on Windows 95 & 98, the folder where dplot.exe is located. On Windows 2000 and newer, in %APPDATA%\DPlot\Preferences). DEFAULT.SET will be processed every time a new plot is created, without reading settings using the Get Preferences command.
3)If you want to restore some, but not all, of the settings saved to a preferences file, e.g. colors only, you can fairly easily create a macro to reproduce all the settings youre interested in. For more information on creating macros see Creating and/or running a macro.


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