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This menu presents several options for generating new data based on one or more currently existing data sets. Each of these commands produces a new curve (preserving the original curves).

Average All Curves

Finds average value at each abscissa for two or more curves.

Median of All Curves

Finds the median amplitude at each abscissa for two or more curves.

Polynomial Curve Fit

Least-squares curve fit.

Integrate a Curve

Find area under curve.

Differentiate a Curve

Find slope of a curve.

Switch independent variable

Substitute the amplitudes from one curve for the independent variable (X values) for all other curves. Show results in a new document.


Generate a curve whose amplitudes are a function of X.

X=f(T), Y=g(T)

Generate a curve from parametric equations with X and Y both functions of an independent parameter T.


Generate a contour plot with elevation (Z) a function of X and Y.

X=f(T), Y=g(T), Z=h(T)

Generate a 3D scatter plot from parametric equations with X, Y, and Z all functions of an independent parameter T.


Applies a polynomial transformation to the amplitudes of a curve.


Generate a curve whose amplitudes are a function of X and/or one or more amplitudes from existing curves.


Performs Fast Fourier Transform on a selected curve.


Finds the frequency distribution for the amplitudes of a curve.

Average Curve with Error Bars

Produces a new plot with Y values equal to the mean at every X and error bars equal to the extremes, the standard deviation at any X, or the standard error at any X.

3D Surface Plots

Scatter Plot

Creates an equivalent 3D scatter plot from the existing 3D surface plot.

XY Plot from 3D surface

Creates a new XY plot from the intersections of a specified vertical plane with the 3D surface.

Find volume under surface

Finds the volume between a 3D surface and a plane with user-specified constant Z value.

Find best-fit plane

Finds the equation of the plane that most closely matches the 3D surface.

Subtract a plane

Modifies the amplitudes of a 3D surface by subtracting a plane.


Subtract, add, multiply or divide the amplitudes of two existing surfaces to produce a new surface.

Average surfaces

Generates a new 3D surface with amplitudes equal to the average amplitude for all selected surfaces.

3D Scatter Plots

Surface Plot

Creates an equivalent 3D surface plot from an existing 3D scatter plot, either a single data set or a combination of all data sets. Points with identical X,Y coordinates will be removed, preserving the point with the maximum Z value.

Plugin modules

Optional modules that extend the capabilities of DPlot.


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