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Enter or edit title strings and axis labels.


Enter or edit curve legend, labels, or legend title.

Label Points

Add, edit, move, or delete labels for specific data points.


Toggle display of the date. The date will be displayed using the “Short Date” format selected with the Control Panel “International” application. The date will be updated to today’s date whenever you save the plot as a DPlot file or turn this option on.


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Print Caption

Toggle display of the document caption in the lower right corner of the plot. The caption is normally either the filename of the document or the source of the data; e.g. EXCELData or ClipboardData.


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Add/Edit Note

Enter or edit a notation placed at an arbitrary location on the plot.

Force legend/notes on screen

If you use the mouse to drag the plot legend or notes outside the plot limits and then change the plot size with the Extents/Intervals/Size command on the Options menu, it is possible that the legend or notes will now be completely off the display and inaccessible. Select this command to force those items to be visible on the screen. This is not a persistent command; it only affects the legend or notes at the time you use it.


Change the typeface and/or other attributes for various labels.

X,Y Labels or X,Y,Z Labels

Specify text labels to appear in place of or in addition to the numbers, dates, or times that appear on the X, Y, or Z axes.



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