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How do I replace the numbers along the axes with custom text?

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Internally all DPlot X and Y values are numbers only. Even in the case of calendar dates, the dates are represented internally with a numeric code. But you can replace the numbers appearing along the X and/or Y axes with labels of your own choosing by using the X,Y Labels command on the Text menu.

For example, select the table below with your mouse, right-click and select Copy.

Average Sales Per Day

In an empty XY graph document in DPlot, select Edit>Paste. This will result in a line graph. Right-click on the graph and select Bar Chart. Right-click again on the graph and select Bar Chart Options and use the settings shown below.

Other than color settings (which you can change with Options>Colors>Edit or by clicking on the Colors button), your graph should now resemble the following:

In our case each entry represents a unique type of fruit, rather than any numeric value. To place labels along the X axis below each bar showing the fruit type for each bar, select Text>X,Y Labels and make the following entries:

The labels will be centered at the X (or Y) values entered. That's why we've used 0.5, 1.5, etc.: those are the midpoints of each bar with the bars filling the space between X values.

Finally, to eliminate the numeric entries along the X axis, right-click any number on the X axis and select None. The finished product:



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