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Revision History (Archives, 2011)

12 November 2011

  • "Standard error about the line" feature of the Polynomial Curve Fit command now includes values for both base 10 logarithm and natural logarithm if a logarithmic Y scale is input.
  • Added a "Previous point" option to the Differentiate command on the Generate menu. This method calculates the derivative as yj' = (yj - yj-1)/(xj - xj-1)
  • Added the ability to hide individual legend entries in XY plots (but not the associated curve).
  • The SRTM file import plugin now takes the northeast corner of the area of interest as input rather than the width/height in seconds.
  • The "Distance from" command on the Info menu now behaves in the same way for 3D data viewed in 2D with "Degrees, Minutes" or "Degrees, Minutes, Seconds" number formats as it does for XY plots: distance is reported in miles, kilometers, and nautical miles.
  • Added descriptions to the DPlot Help file for Generate plugins that are distributed with DPlot. (Note that several of these plugins have their own more complete Help files accessible from the associated plugin dialog box.)
  • If you previously used the Save Preferences command on a plot containing one or more notes, subsequent use of the Get Preferences command with that settings file would create new note(s), even if those notes were identical to those already present (location, text, various settings).
  • You may now add reference lines to 2D views of 3D data.
  • Modified the Operate on X and Operate on Y commands to add a shortcut for the 1-based point index J. For example, X=0.25*j will make X values evenly-spaced at 0.25: 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, etc. This shortcut is only valid for 2D data.
  • Inserted code to properly not prompt the user for a filename when using [FilePrint("Adobe PDF","<filename>")] on 64-bit versions of Windows.
  • Added a switch for 3D and 4D data to suppress the default behavior of drawing > and/or < symbols in the legend when the corresponding data extent was greater/less than one contour interval than the high/low contour level. Modified the ContourLegend macro/DDE command to take account of this capability.
  • DPlot Viewer now includes the Hide Curves and Unhide all Curves commands on the View menu.
  • Previous versions did not allow you to set the number format for the amplitude axis on 4D surface or scatter plots. This version does.
  • Bug fix: The Move to top and Move to bottom buttons on the Reorder Curves dialog have never worked properly.
  • Bug fix: The EditFilter macro command could only be run on one curve at a time, regardless of what you specified with the SelectCurve command.
  • Bug fix: The SRTM plugin did not correctly handle west longitudes and south latitudes if you opened one of these files by drag/drop or by double-clicking the file in Explorer. (It worked as expected when using File>Open.)
  • Bug fix: The S8 component of the Option 4 low-pass filter had an error in the two-pass option.
  • Bug fix: A change in version to handle lots of data points in bar charts (lots being defined as more than the number of pixels across the plot) broke horizontal bar charts.
  • Bug fix: Under some circumstances the function parser would crash with an equation containing the sequence "+-", as in "Y=2.3*X+-0.5*X^2". In this release "+-" is properly handled as "-" and "--" as "+".

7 August 2011

  • Bug fix: The "fix" for Time of day (fractional days) number format in unfortunately broke all other formats on the Extents/Intervals/Size dialog.

6 August 2011

  • The Number Formats command now works as you'd expect with the Z and amplitude values.
  • The Move/Copy Curves dialog is now resizable, to help accommodate long names for existing graphs.
  • Bug fix: Several dialog boxes incorrectly interpreted "Time of day (fractional days)" number format as "Time of day (hours)", so that the associated coordinate was off by a factor of 24.
  • Bug fix: Reference lines with "At Value" set to "X2=" or "Y2=" were in some cases not saved properly, and when re-read had "At Value" set to "X=".
  • Bug fix: Negative amplitudes on a stacked bar chart might have resulted in one-pixel gaps between negative bars.
  • Bug fix: Bar charts crashed if a plot included only a single point or if you selected Edit Data on an empty plot for which Bar Chart scaling had been selected.

14 July 2011

  • Bug fix: DPlot recently added the ability to include bitmap and metafile images on a plot. An effort to ensure that images placed outside the plot extents would not be clipped was poorly-implemented and might have caused title lines to overlap portions of the plot, whether images were imported or not.
  • Bug fix: The "List Peaks within a Range" command contained a bug that might have caused DPlot to crash since the inclusion of the median calculation.
  • Bug fix: Bar charts with the bar width 1 pixel wide (which might happen if you have more bars than pixels in your screen resolution) were not drawn for filled bars unless the bars were outlined.
  • Modified LineType command so that it does not complain if the curve index is less than or equal to 100. In previous versions the LineType command complained if the curve index was greater than the currently-allocated number of curves.

8 July 2011

  • Bug fix: If you used text placeholders in point labels with $X and that placeholder was immediately followed by an open parenthesis, e.g. "$X(sec)", then the placeholder was assumed to be of the form $X(i,j) - the j'th point from the i'th curve. The placeholder in this case was replaced with a 0 (since the array indices made no sense). This version handles this situation correctly.

3 July 2011

  • Bug fix: For 2D contour plots of random 3D data, if you unchecked "Label every major line" then an uninitialized data problem might have caused a crash.
  • Bug fix: If multiple XY curves existed and you deleted any curves other than the last, DPlot might have fouled up curve associations, e.g. a point label previously associated with curve 5 might now be associated with curve 4.
  • Bug fix: With a negative tick mark interval (decreasing values from left-to-right or bottom-to-top) DPlot might have displayed 0 as some very small number, e.g. 2.2546E-16.

11 June 2011

  • DPlot generally does a better job of preventing images placed outside plot extents from being clipped. On your display those images might still be clipped depending on plot size, image size and location, but should not be clipped within saved or copied bitmaps or metafiles.
  • Bug fix: Graphs containing large filled areas and copied to the Clipboard or saved as a metafile might have caused DPlot to crash. Apparently there is an undocumented limitation with standard metafiles and painted regions which you dare not exceed. The fix is to skip copying a standard Windows metafile to the Clipboard and not show "Windows metafile" in the "Save as type" list if any fill regions are used. Enhanced metafiles are still copied to the Clipboard and saved as before.
  • Bug fix: The "More Curve Fits" plugin module might have crashed with an untrapped overflow error when using the equation form y=A + BeCx.

31 May 2011

  • Bug fix: Version acidentally removed the XYZSurface command from the Excel AddIn while adding the 4D Surface command. XYZSurface returns in this release.
  • Added Insert Image command to the Options menu. This command allows you to add clipart images (BMP, EMF, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF) to your plots. This should be considered a beta feature at this point: Images placed within the plot extents will most likely be drawn as expected on all output devices. Images outside the plot extents may be clipped, and will almost certainly be clipped if Specify plot size is not used. This feature currently only works on 2D views of your data, which will likely always be a limitation for image placement in data space, but may be relaxed for location expressed in inches from the top left corner. This command will almost certainly be improved in future releases, but as always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.

28 May 2011

  • Modified Average All Curves and Median of All Curves commands to only operate on visible (as opposed to hidden) curves.
  • Added the complementary error function ERFC to the functions available with Y=f(X) and similar commands. The complementary error function is defined as erfc(x)=1 - erf(x).
  • The List Peaks command now includes median, skewness, and kurtosis values (for Y in XY plots, Z in 3D plots, amplitude in 4D plots). Median, skewness, and kurtosis are also output for "List Peaks Within a Range" on XY plots. Also for the latter command, added a bit of slop so that plot extents would be included in the desired extents. In previous versions in most cases the low or high extents would not be exactly equal to the corresponding plot extents, due to roundoff error in converting mouse coordinates to plot coordinates.
  • For file type D (multiple column text files, XY data) added a Heading rows have prefix entry to the Open dialog box. This allows you to specify a prefix character string that tells DPlot that any line including this prefix is definitely not data. In previous versions it was possible to confuse DPlot about where the data started if the heading contained information that could be confused as columns of numbers.
  • For 4D surface and scatter plots, you may now specify a label for the 4th dimension. If used, this label will be drawn at the top of the legend using the legend font. Added corresponding AAxisLabel macro/DDE command.
  • Added "4D Surface" and "4D Scatter" commands to the Excel Add-In.
  • Added Poincare Plot optional plugin for the licensed version.
  • Bug fix: When pasting 4D data, DPlot erroneously used the 4th column heading as the Z axis label.
  • Bug fix: Under some circumstances the legend in 3D/4D plots might have been cropped when copying to the Clipboard, and the same problem might have left out or inappropriately cropped the date in the upper right corner and/or the filename in the lower right corner.
  • Bug fix: If you used a second X axis at the top of a plot (via the Multiple Axes command) and set the number format for the lower X axis to "None", the upper X axis values might have overlapped any title lines.
  • Bug fix: In some cases date/time groups on the Specify Columns to Plot dialog were not drawn, appearing as blank columns.
  • Bug fix: In previous versions for 4D data the "Always auto-adjust scale factors for 3D plots" in many cases used the extents of the amplitude (4th dimension) rather than Z to find appropriate scale factors. This might have resulted in exceptionally tall & skinny or short & wide plots.

10 April 2011

  • Bug fix: If Print Caption on the Text menu for 1D plots was checked, plots copied to the clipboard might have had the filename overlapping the labels on the horizontal axis.
  • Bug fix: If you dragged-and-dropped a text file with multiple columns of numbers onto DPlot and Pick Columns to Plot was not the default setting, DPlot saw the first column as Y values with X starting at 0 and incremented by 1, rather than the more usual X in the first column.

11 March 2011

  • Bug fix: This one has been present for a while, unfortunately. On XY plots if you allowed DPlot to pick a tick mark interval (the default), then for large extents a bonehead test and rounding problem might have extended the extents by one interval over those specified when that was not necessary. For example if you specified extents of 0 to 2 million and the default tick mark interval was 100,000, usually the upper extent would be adjusted to 2.1 million. Thanks to Howard Katz of Anatek for pointing out the problem.
  • Bug fix: Not much of a bug, but the last update included a MessageBox reporting the time required to run an FFT, which of course was meant for our use in updating the Help file topic and should have been removed.
  • DPlot Jr no longer includes the "Buy DPlot" menu command on the main menu bar. Given how DPlot Jr is used by the majority, this feature wasn't appropriate.

6 March 2011

  • Line breaks are now supported for point labels.
  • Added Rank plugin to the Generate menu. This feature is roughly equivalent to Excel's PERCENTRANK function.
  • Added Average Curve with Error Bars plugin to the Generate menu. This plugin produces a new document with Y equal to the mean of all Y values at any X within a user-specified interval, and error bar extents equal to a) the mean + the extreme values, b) the standard error in the Y values, or c) the standard deviation in the Y values.
  • Added a Disable hide/unhide with middle mouse button option to the General Options screen for those users who tend to inadvertently click the mouse wheel.
  • Made several improvements to the "Multiple Plots" dialog for printing multiple documents. Documents are now shown in a list box with more room for the document title than the previous collection of 32 checkboxes. Corrected an aspect ratio problem in the layout diagram that might have resulted in a fouled up picture for landscape orientation. Added a "Deselect All" button to compliment "Select All".
  • Bug fix: 1D plots produced by the Excel Add-In and saved as a bitmap image might have been clipped oddly because of a failure to correctly handle the hidden note in the upper left corner added by the Add-In. This might also have occurred if you added your own hidden notes. If you had this problem, you likely saw too much white space at the top of the plot and the plot possibly being clipped at the bottom. All other plot types worked correctly.
  • Bug fix: It was possible to clip the legend in 3D views of 3D or 4D data when saving to a high-resolution image.
  • Bug fix: The Backbone Curve command on the Generate menu sometimes duplicated the first point and skipped the last point in the input.
  • Bug fix: If you panned a plot with a calendar date scale by using the keyboard arrow keys, and you elected to have DPlot choose the tick mark interval, that interval tended to grow with every pan.
  • Bug fix: DPlot crashed if on a 1D plot you had one or more non-positive values and opted for logarithmic scaling.
  • Bug fix: Undo did not work after "unhiding" curves using the middle mouse button.

05 February 2011

  • Expanded on the last update's new feature of hiding a curve with the middle mouse button: If you press CTRL + middle mouse button while pointing to a curve, all curves except the one pointed to will be hidden.
  • Fixed an annoyance with inserting Symbol characters in text strings. In previous versions the insertion point was placed before the newly-inserted Symbol character(s). In this release the insertion point follows the new characters.
  • Bug fix: The Reorder Curves command did not mark a file as "dirty", prompting you to save before closing.
  • Bug fix: DPlot crashed with an overflow error for Y values with amplitudes greater than about 1.34E+154. The error occurred in squaring the amplitude as part of finding the RMS value. (The maximum amplitude that DPlot can handle is the maximum amplitude of an 8-byte floating point number: 2^1024 or about 1.798E+308. In other cases DPlot gracefully balks at numbers exceeding that limit, and now does for RMS.)
  • Bug fix: Since the inclusion of horizontal error bars, the text boxes for error values on the Error Bars dialog (fixed value, percentage, and custom) have not been updated properly when switching curves. This might have led to inadvertently changing an error value without actually changing anything.
  • Bug fix: The Delete Points in Box command on the Edit menu failed to reset a flag indicating that X values were evenly-spaced, so that condition was never reevaluated. This worked fine until the graph was saved as a DPlot file. In that case, if the data was originally evenly-spaced DPlot would erroneously save only the start and end X values. Thanks to Robert Duran of Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants for help with the problem.
  • Bug fix: The Average all Curves command might have given nonsense values for curves that did not have the same range in X.
  • Bug fix: The Fill Between Curves option for Fill to bottom only for Y <= Yref failed if the last point in a curve was not greater than Yref.

22 January 2011

  • When zooming with the mouse wheel, you may now restrict zooming to the X direction by pressing the CTRL key, or to the Y direction by pressing the SHIFT key.
  • For XY plots you may now hide a curve by pointing to it and clicking the middle mouse button (mouse wheel on the majority of mice). If the middle mouse button is clicked when the mouse does not point to a curve, all curves are made visible.
  • Modified "Make Step Plot" plugin (licensed version only) to include an option to center the steps on the input X values. Thanks to Dr. Ian Crawford for the suggestion.
  • Improved performance of antialiasing. In all previous versions the antialiasing performed for line segments by DPlot was very inefficient with all or portions of line segments that were outside the plot limits (after zooming, for example).
  • Made a change to the drawing order for XY plots when minor grid lines are used and the minor grid line color is different than the major grid line color: In previous versions the minor grid lines for the Y axis would overlay the major grid lines for the X axis. This was only noticeable when the minor grid lines used a different color than the major grid lines. In this version minor grid lines will not obscure major grid lines.
  • Bug fix: If multiple Y axes were used, the title for the 2nd Y axis was placed far right enough that it was impossible to overlap any numbers (or dates, etc.) on the X axis. So for dates/times on X, for example, the 2nd Y axis title was positioned much farther to the right than it would be for the default number format. The intent was probably good at one time, but since this same check isn't performed for the primary Y axis it was, at best, overkill.
  • Bug fix: If "Axes at 0" was checked and grid lines were used on the Y axis, the bottom of the plot would be drawn (actually overdrawn) with the grid line color. This was particularly noticeable if the axes line width was the same as or smaller than the grid line width and used a different color.
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