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DPlot screenshot
A graph generated within DPlot by an equation. For step-by-step instructions to create this and other example plots see the Online Manual.
A dependent Y scale, useful for showing alternate units.
Labeling specific data points. For options and capabilities see the Online Manual.
Mt. St. Helens elevation, from SRTM data.
Triangle Plot with USDA soil classifications. DPlot includes layouts for mafic and ultramafic rocks and Ab-An-Or minerals. You can easily create your own borders and labels for custom classifications.
Bar chart using a background image. For bar chart features and options see the Bar Charts page.
Solutions for:
  • Graph and manipulate 1, 2, 3, and 4-D data

  • Create presentation-quality graphs

  • Create contour plots of 3 and 4-D data

  • Use data from a variety of sources

You can buy a single-user DPlot license for $195(US). If you buy DPlot for your department, we offer multi-user discounts. Click the button below to purchase DPlot by credit card now, or check the Buy DPlot page for more information on pricing and payment options.

Visit the DPlot features page to see dozens of stunning graphs that you can create. You may download our free 30-day trial version and see how easily you can turn your data into eye-opening charts.

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"The DPlot software is excellent. I couldn't do my job without it. (Well, actually I probably could, but I sure wouldn't enjoy it as much!)"
Dan Meyer
Chief Engineer,
Credit: Pat Corkery/Lockheed Martin
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