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The trial version of DPlot is fully functional and is meant for evaluation use only. You may use DPlot for evaluation purposes without charge for a period of 30 days. All trial version limitations are removed by the licensed version of DPlot, which you may purchase for $195 from the Buy DPlot page. (Site license pricing for multiple users is available.)

Download dplotsetup.exe to a temporary folder on your hard disk and run it (double-click on the filename in Explorer or click the Windows Start button, click Run, then type "[d:\path\]dplotsetup.exe", where [d:\path\] is the folder where you saved this file. After successfully installing DPlot you can delete dplotsetup.exe.

If your company policies or security settings prohibit you from downloading an executable (EXE) file, download this zip file instead. Once downloaded, unzip this file using WinZip or similar tool, then run the resulting dplotsetup.exe to install DPlot.

Note for licensed users
You do not want the trial version. Licensed users who have purchased DPlot within the last 2 years should sign up for the mailing list to receive instructions for downloading the free upgrade. Alternatively, you can download and install the latest licensed version with the Check for Updates command on the Help menu within the licensed version of DPlot.

The trial version of DPlot has a 30-day evaluation period. Each time you start DPlot you will see a reminder of how many days remain in the evaluation period. After 30 days the trial version will refuse to run.

The trial version will produce a watermark in the center of all output. This watermark is not produced by the licensed version.

Watermark on DPlot trial version output

Can't Wait?  
Click here to purchase the full version of DPlot using your credit card. After placing your order you will receive instructions for downloading and installing the full version, generally within minutes.

Additional Downloads

Printable User Manual
A PDF version of the User Manual/Help File is available in addition to the standard Help file distributed with all versions of DPlot and the online User Manual. To save the PDF file to your hard disk, right-click on the link above and select "Save Target As...". Warning: the printable version is a bit wordy at over 480 pages. To view this manual you need Adobe® Acrobat or Adobe® Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Reader is a free product that you can get from the Adobe download site.
Plugin Examples
DPlot version 1.5 and later support the use of plugin dll's that provide additional functionality for file import, file export, and data manipulation. The plugin examples (147Kb) include both a file import plugin and a plugin to perform a simple task on existing data (in this case inverting the amplitudes). C source code is provided with the examples. Updated 1 January 2009. Want to see the source code for any plugins currently distributed with DPlot? The C source is yours for the asking.
Other Products
We also offer two free, scaled-down versions of DPlot. Please note: Neither of these is intended to be a standalone graphing program. For that, please check out the full version trial. DPlot Jr is intended for software developers interested in a no-cost solution to plotting output from their own applications. If you produce graphs with DPlot (or DPlot Jr) and would like to distribute those graphs to others, DPlot Viewer is the solution you are looking for. DPlot Viewer may be freely distributed. It will display or print any graph produced with DPlot.
DLL Interface
DPLOTLIB.DLL includes a single function that may be called from virtually any language to plot your program's output using either DPlot or DPlot Jr. Examples with source code for 32-bit C, C#, FORTRAN, Visual Basic, PowerBasic, FreeBASIC, Visual Basic .NET, and Delphi, and 64-bit C, C#, and VB.NET are provided with the DLL (2401Kb, 17 May 2013). Everything included in this package is also included in the distributions for the full version of DPlot and DPlot Jr. It is mentioned here as a convenience. Extract to the folder of your choice and run any of the example programs, then take a look at the source code to see just how easy this is. See the included DPLOTLIB documentation (dplotlib.chm in the \docs folder or online.) for more information.
Visual Basic runtimes
The Visual Basic runtime files necessary to run the VB demo programs have been intentionally left out to keep the download size as small as possible. If you are interested in the VB demos and do not have Visual Basic 5 or 6 installed, you'll need the Visual Basic runtime files. Save vbdemo_setup.exe to a temporary folder on your hard disk and run it (double-click on the filename in Explorer or click the Windows Start button, click Run, then type "[d:\path\]vbdemo_setup.exe", where [d:\path\] is the folder where you saved this file.
"I was looking for a plotting program that offered tripartite plots and found DPlot. It has exceeded my expectations in capability, user-friendliness, the general polish of the program and the appearance of the output. I will be making a presentation at an international engineering conference this fall. Thanks to DPlot, not only will the appearance of the presentation be better, but it has saved me so much time that I will be able to report on a larger scope of research as well."
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