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Vicksburg, MS height map produced by reading a NASA SRTM file.

The current Vicksburg time is 12:53:13 am Tuesday, 28 Mar 2023

Before reporting suspected bugs or other problems, please see the description of known problems and possible solutions in the Known Problems topic of the Help file. Please include DPlot's full version number (select the "About DPlot" command on the Help menu) in any correspondence.

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David Hyde has worked as a research structural engineer in Vicksburg, Mississippi since 1982. His software applications are used throughout the world to solve unique and challenging problems. David wrote the first version of DPlot in 1986 to fulfill a need for a plotting program capable of handling large data records. Of course the '86 version looked quite a bit different than what you see today. Since that time DPlot's capabilities have grown considerably, primarily due to comments and suggestions from users like yourself.

...I know some of you are actual engineers and science type peeps, so you should probably mosey over and check it out. I mean, he's an awfully nice guy and he's got testimonials from other nerds saying how great his program is. I know you poindexters don't dare lie to each other, on account of your huge brains, so it's probably pretty good at whatever the #$!% it does.
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