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DPlot Jr

DPlot Jr is a scaled-down version of DPlot intended for use by programmers who want a quick method for displaying graphical output of their own applications. Unlike the full version of DPlot, DPlot Jr may be redistributed to end users. DPlot Jr is not intended to be a standalone graphing program. Input to DPlot Jr is accomplished through Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), either from your application or via the supplied DPLOTLIB interface. The end user cannot open a file or paste data from the clipboard. DPlot Jr also lacks many of the editing and data generation features of the full version.

DPlot Jr is distributed with several demo programs illustrating, among other things, how to send data to DPlot Jr and automatically produce a plot. Source examples for Microsoft C, C#, Borland C++, LCC-WIN32, GNU C (gcc), Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, PowerBasic, FreeBASIC, Absoft FORTRAN, Compaq Visual FORTRAN, GNU FORTRAN, Salford FORTRAN, and WATCOM FORTRAN are included in the distribution. (HTBasic users: Check out Graph-XT, an HTBasic library from Tech Soft GmbH making use of DPlot and DPLOTLIB.DLL.) Shown below are several examples from the demo programs included with DPlot Jr.



DPlot Viewer

DPlot Viewer is a free scaled-down version of DPlot intended for use by developers who want to distribute DPlot graphs to others. DPlot Viewer will display and print any graph produced by DPlot or DPlot Jr. As with DPlot Jr, DPlot Viewer may be redistributed to end users without royalty payments or other restrictions.

Download dplotviewer_setup.exe to a temporary folder on your hard disk and run it (double-click on the filename in Explorer or click the Windows Start button, click Run, then type "[d:\path\]dplotviewer_setup.exe", where [d:\path\] is the folder where you saved this file. After successfully installing DPlot Viewer you can delete dplotviewer_setup.exe.


DigitizeIt logo

Digitize a scanned graph or chart into X,Y data.

DigitizeIt is not produced or sold by HydeSoft Computing, but we use it routinely and believe you'll find it useful and of high quality.

  • Can import almost all common image file formats, including gif, png, tiff, jpeg, bmp
  • Paste graphs via clipboard
  • Can capture screenshots
  • Data export in ASCII file or via clipboard in scientific notation, ready to be imported in many other applications (e.g. Microcal Origin, Microsoft Excel... and of course DPlot)
  • Automatic digitizing of line and scatter plots
  • Manual digitizing via mouse clicks
  • Can handle tilted or distorted graphs, axes do not need to be orthogonal
  • Linear, logarithmic and reciprocal axes
  • Graphs can be zoomed, mirrored and rotated
  • Multiple different data sets can be defined
  • Language: English, German, Italian
  • Available for Windows 98 through Windows Vista, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X
You can purchase a single-user license for DigitizeIt for US $49 here.


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