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Links to tools or techniques used by or related to DPlot

Netlib Repository - Netlib is a collection of mathematical software, papers, and databases.

The Math Forum (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) - The nation's leading web site for math and math education.

Programmer's Heaven - The most complete online source to download free programming files, source code, tools and more for a whole range of languages and technologies, including VB, C/C++/C#, .NET and Java. Over 17,500 resources to explore!

Excel Easy - Tutorials on Excel for novices and everyday users.

Highslide JS provides the Javascript used throughout this site with thumbnail images. Also works with embedded HTML, Ajax, and Flash. Ridiculously easy to incorporate into your own pages, inexpensive, and the author is very responsive to support requests. A tough combination to beat. Give them a look.

CSE HTML Validator - Nothing really to do with DPlot the application, but I use this tool before every update to validate my HTML pages... that's why you see no errors on these pages! Highly recommended for web site authors.

Help & Manual. With H&M we use a single source file to produce the CHM file distributed with DPlot, the online manual, and the PDF version of same. If you're a software developer, take a look. Their support is second-to-none.

Design Outpost. One of the artists associated with Design Outpost created the DPlot logo ~10 years ago. It has stood the test of time, and I'm very happy with it. This is a bit different "company" than you might be used to dealing with: rather than dozens of artists working for a single company, it is many hundreds of artists checking the Design Outpost forums for jobs that interest them. The business model works, in my opinion.

Graph-XT - Professional graphics extension for HTBasic. A really well-done library that includes a truckload of examples producing DPlot graphs in HTBasic programs. From Tech Soft, GmbH.

Pair is DPlot's web host. Very affordable prices for small businesses, all the features you need, and excellent service.


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