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DPlot Windows software for website designers to create presentation quality graphs

DPlot is a Windows program that lets website designers create presentation-quality graphs from a wide variety of data sources. Whether you're a professional website designer, an entrepreneur who is building your own site, or a home computer user designing your family web site, you'll benefit from DPlot's powerful graphing capabilities.

Graphs for Website Designers

A few years ago, website designers could use basic charts and graphs on their sites. Today's web surfers, however, are used to seeing presentation-quality graphics in every medium, from cereal boxes to local TV news. Website designers need more sophistication in their web pages, or they'll lose customers and prospects.

DPlot gives web site designers the highest quality, most accurate graphs that are available on the Windows PC today. And by using captivating graphics on your web pages, you can keep your audience interested in your sales message.

Creating Website Graphs with DPlot

With DPlot, website designers can utilize data files from a wide variety of sources, and turn them into graphs of all types. Designers don't have to understand the complexities of DPlot's graphing technology to lay out the graphs that they need, or to label and annotate them. For added emphasis, it's easy to use photos or images as the background for your graphs.

Multidimensional Graphs for Website Designers

DPlot lets web site designers graph and manipulate 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-dimensional data. If you have a spreadsheet file or an ordinary comma-delimited file that contains statistics by year, or any groupings of figures, DPlot can grab the data, and lay it out for you in a huge variety of graphic representations.

DPlot and Excel Graphs

The Excel add-in makes it simple for designers to move data in a variety of layouts from Microsoft Excel to DPlot. DPlot lets you display presentation-quality graphs in a number of graph types that are simply not available in Excel, including polar charts, triangle plots, Mercator projections, and grain size distributions. These graphs support financial data, scientific data, educational information, and all of the data that website designers need to manage.

Some of your web site's visitors learn well from the text on your web pages. Others can grasp numerical and technical data more quickly if they see it displayed graphically. DPlot makes it easy for website designers to turn data into graphics, effortlessly. Sometimes web site designers need to create stunning contour plots of 3- and 4-dimensional data. Other times, a bare-bones chart can tell your story much more effectively than words. DPlot can meet all of your web page graphing needs.

Graphs for All Website Designs

If you're working on sales brochure sites, catalog sites, nonprofit informational sites, or a blog site, DPlot can help you illustrate specific functions and formulas effectively. DPlot can enhance web pages of all types with eye-catching graphics.

Graphs for Regulators, Journalists, and the Public

Customers and prospects are not the website designer's only target audience. Your design work will be examined by stakeholders as diverse as government regulators, potential investors in your company, and journalists who can help you educate the public. Impress all of your stakeholders by delivering numerical information clearly, graphically. DPlot can help website designers create stronger visual images.

DPlot Makes Graphs Affordable

A single-user DPlot license costs $195(US), and will improve all of your web-based graphs and charts now, and for years to come.

"I sought a more powerful plotting software than Excel, MATLAB. I was surprised at the cost of this program and wasn't sure if we would need any additional add-on software ($$$$)! That's when I came across DPlot. WOW! It is simple to use, affordable, and met all my requirements at a fraction of the cost."
My current tasks include the evaluation of the T55 Engine performance and control system. My team conducts dynamic testing to ensure criteria can be met in combat.

At 16Hz data sampling, we could plot our data in Excel (XYY). With the new 100Hz sampling equipment, Excel will not open these large files. In addition, the plots are limited to 32K data points. I sought out a more powerful plotting software, MATLAB. I was surprised at the cost of this program and wasn't sure if we would need any additional add-on software ($$$$)! That's when I came across DPlot. WOW! It is simple to use, affordable, and met all my requirements at a fraction of the cost.

If anyone is looking to supplement his or her Excel plotting feature, this program is for him or her. Because of not having to split my .csv files into 32000 data points, along with the many other added features, this program has paid for itself. Thanks for a wonderful product, not to mention the great Technical Support!

Phillip Mathis
Maintenance Engineer
CRUZ and Associate Inc.

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