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Problem with Symantec Endpoint Protection Solved

If you use this product and DPlot will start for you, this blog entry is not for you. But if, like many, you use Symantec Endpoint Protection and DPlot will not start, read on. Thanks to persistent user and UF prof Ted Krauthammer, we have this from Symantec Technical Support:

According to the troubleshooting steps we followed for the previous case, Application and Device control feature is the one which blocks the user from accessing the DPot application. Also for a unmannaged client disabling ADC feature wont have that much impact on the client. For an unmanaged client we dont have the privilege to block/allow an application or device unless it is managed by a Manager.

Creating a exception for blocking or allowing a device/application can be done through Symantec endpoint protection Manager. In our case since it is a unmanaged client we can disable the ADC feature.

If you are unable to run the DPlot application please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Navigate to control panel.
Step 2: Select symantec endpoint protection.
Step 3: Click change and Modify.
Step 4: Under proactive threat protection, disable Application and device control.
Step 5: Complete the wizard and reboot the machine.

This will allow you to disable the Application and device control feature.

Note: The above steps are applicable for unmanaged client.


So there you have it. I'm hopeful that a future release of Symantec's product will fix this problem and you will not have to disable anything to run DPlot. I'll post another entry if/when that happens.

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