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Macro examples for simple tasks

From e-mail support requests:

I'm in need of a macro command that will delete the very first point of a plot.  I've got a situation where I have to use the "operate on Y" as this Y=Y/X but my first point in X is zero...thus I end up with a divide by zero error.  Is there a way to delete this first point in the data (i.e. the X=0 point) so that I can go ahead and use the Y=Y/X command?

EditTruncate(some very small positive value,some very large positive value)



should work unless you're dealing with very large or very small numbers.

I also need to be able to delete all points with negative y values using a this possible?  I've been doing it manually with "delete points in a box" but I'm wondering if there is a better way via macro.


If you don't want the clipped parts connected, use


This will preserve those points with negative Y values but not draw line segments to/from them.

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