Average Curve module

Starting with version, DPlot is distributed with an "Average Curve with Error Bars" modulethat produces a new document with amplitudes equal to the mean of all Y values within a user-specified interval in X, and error bars with extents equal to either:

  • the mean minus the extreme values,
  • the standard error for the points within the given interval, or
  • the standard deviation for the points within the given interval.
Here is an example from Dr. Aditya Savara:

When carbon monoxide encounters hydrogen covered palladium surfaces, the carbon monoxide can adsorb on the palladium surface and displace the hydrogen.  This process leads to the deactivation of hydrogen membranes, and also may be important in the production of pharmaceutical drugs by palladium catalysis.  In these experiments, carbon monoxide is introduced to a palladium crystal surface which has been precovered with hydrogen, H/Pd(111).  The infrared absorbance due to carbon monoxide is plotted as a function of time, and shows the buildup of carbon monoxide on the surface.  The discontinuity near 60 seconds is real, and is due to a change in the peak shape of the carbon monoxide infrared absorbance.  This data was measured in ultrahigh vacuum conditions at the Fritz-Haber-Institut in Berlin, using an effusive molecular beam for the carbon monoxide exposure, and infrared reflectance-absorbance spectroscopy.

The "Average Curve with Error Bars" command results in:

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