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Thermal Imaging

We'll end up adding a web page with user-submitted examples eventually, but these are too good to wait for. Paul has been using a FLUKE Ti-32 thermal imager to get IR readings from various objects. A patented feature of the Fluke camera is taking both visible and IR images simultaneously. Paul has graciously provided several images demonstrating this feature, which he went to the trouble of working with solely to show how well DPlot works with this setup... I have to like a user like that :-)

First, the IR image produced by the FLUKE Ti-32:

Paul used DPlot's "Bitmap to 3D" plugin to produce this contour plot:

(Note: This plugin is an optional component with both the licensed and trial versions of DPlot. If you do not see "Bitmap to 3D" on the "Select File Type" dialog under "Plugins", you need to re-run the setup program and ensure that you check the "Image file (BMP, GIF, etc.) to 3D Surface plot" option.)

He then added the photograph of the cup as a background:

Nifty, isn't it?

One more, this time without the photo and using DPlot's Both shades and lines setting, just because it is so darn pretty:

Here's another IR image converted to 3D, in this case of the counter top after removing the cup:

Thanks, Paul!

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