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Status Bar description

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The status bar is displayed at the lower edge of the DPlot window:

          STATUS                              OTHER

STATUS is used to:

       prompt you for an action;
       describe the current procedure;
       describe the screen region pointed to by the mouse;
       display the X,Y coordinates of the mouse pointer in plot space;
       indicate progress during lengthy operations.



For XY plots, this area is used to indicate the maximum allowable number of curves and the maximum allowable number of points per curve. These values may be adjusted with the Resize Arrays command or by double-clicking on this area.

For 3D surfaces this area shows the minimum, maximum, and average amplitude (Z value) of the data points used to construct the surface that are visible on the current plot. This may not include the entire data set if you have zoomed in on the surface or used the Extents/Intervals /Size command to force the plot extents.



See also:

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