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Can DPlot handle Exceptions in Data Point data & plot on

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2022 8:53 pm    Post subject: Can DPlot handle Exceptions in Data Point data & plot on Reply with quote

Sorry, new to forum, so this may have been dealt to elsewhere, but I couldn't find what I was after.

Love DPlot, but ran into an issue that didn't make sense....

Of course, once found, issues almost always do....

Issue = DPlot ran into Point Data that wasn't consistent with the values of the surrounding data and literally stopped plotting.

Ask = Can DPlot handle such exceptions and be made to Plot around them and/or exclude, or map them to some extreme or highlight them or something, other than just truncating the Plot?

I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong when I couldn't get data beyond 2.84 days worth (30 days @ 30 second intervals, across 7 Curves of data, recorded in CSV) to 2D plot.

Initially, looking at the data, it all looked fine..... You know, lots of data, it all looks the same, hence plotting to see the variances etc ....

Data is CSV & exported with Date/Time (30 second intervals) in Col 1,Col 2 = TZ, + 7 further individual columns of recorded data indicating the Curves we needed....

Number of lines in CSV = 88790 (when counting the 1 header line), but DPlot says all 7 curves contain 4619 points.

Initially, we thought this was a memory thing, as no matter how we did it, we could only get to see 2.84 days (4619 points) of the curves.

I've got 8GB in Windows (10 x64), + 12GB Page file. Memory used by DPlot shows 15MB, so can't see it as a Memory deficiency, unless DPlot was thinking it's limited somewhere.

We set the Array Size to 8 Channels, 100,000 points, but everytime
DPlot went back to 8x8192 in Array Size, which 8192 would be the 2.84 days of data we're seeing.

As said, Data all looked fine for the date/time range shown, and the data points per curve appear correct.

BUT, when I went to line 4620 in the data, yes - I found one set of the curve data had data that wasn't (in this case) temperature data, and the sensor package had exported the reading as Overrange, for several entries, then Underrange, until the Sensor stabilised and reported again ......

So, I found my culprit, and editing the data to reflect some values, I got the whole 30 days to plot....

But having to jump in and do that data cleanup, (or fudging) seems crazy, when theoretically DPlot may be able to handle this better.

So building on the ASK above.....

Is there any way in DPlot, as it is now, to assign some Point Exception Mappings or Point Exception Handling criteria eg: if find this value, plot like this - in my case, enter static value Underrange and sets the equivalent Plot Value to some lower boundary value, & ditto re Overrange to some upper boundary value, or something, and DPlot could continue plotting data that is consistent....???

In our case, we changed the Overrange in the data to 2000, and underrange to -2000 (extreme - yes, but highlighted the bad data, which actually, in our case, highlights an error situation at the Sensor that we also need to be alert for)....

I couldn't see anything on this, but looking too hard and can't see wood for the trees.... the joy of data....

I do hope someone can point me in the right direction, or perhaps DPlot can have something added to handle this.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2022 7:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You can try Options>Amplitude Limits but it doesn't sound like that will solve the problem.

My bet is there is a break in the data after line 4619 - say a blank line. Or some value that DPlot doesn't understand, so it stops reading. You should be able to find what is going on with Notepad, but a text editor showing line numbers would be better.

The short answer is "No", there is no way for DPlot to ignore/skip over "bad" data.
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