Symbols in EMF file not correct

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Symbols in EMF file not correct

Post by mcphelps »

When I save a file as an EMF, symbols that were added using the symbols button always render at the start of the title. For instance, if I edit an X-axis title to be "Resistance ({\sW})", and save the file as an EMF. when I open the file in a vector graphics program, like Coreldraw or Inkscape, the Omega character will be at the same location as the "R" in "Resistance". Exports from those programs also show the error. Opening the file in Microsoft Paint show a correct image.

The grf file always shows it correct.

This is using the two latest versions of DPlot.

Am I missing a setting or something?
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Post by DPlotAdmin »

My go to app for testing metafile weirdness has always been Powerpoint, but this works fine there. I don't have the applications you mentioned. It sounds like whenever there is a font change, they reset the position of the text to the starting point. There is no (good) reason for this. I hate to dismiss this with "It isn't DPlot's fault", but... it isn't DPlot's fault.

The only workaround I can think of is to, instead of using the X axis title, use two notes, with "Resistance" using a right anchor point and "({\sW})" with a left anchor point and the same location for both. This won't be perfect, though, as DPlot will add whitespace.
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