plot size not consistent between plots

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plot size not consistent between plots

Post by knordsieck »

I am trying to do side-by-side printouts of plots using print multiple. The sizes of two plots with identical specified plot sizes in the extents/intervals/size selection do not come out the same when tile viewed, and when printed as a multiple they are in reverse order. I have to adjust the sizes manually until they look the same in the view, then do a screen dump of the window to do this, obviously not the best.

Please advise.
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Post by DPlotAdmin »

If the sizes are the same then the plots will still only be centered on each other if the fonts are the same size and the labels (especially along the Y axis) are the same width. Another problem might be that one or more of the plots don't quite fit on the page within your specified margins. In that case DPlot will scale down the size such that the plot does fit.

The printing order from top-to-bottom or left-to-right will be the same order that you select the plots on the "Multiple" dialog.

If none of this helps and/or doesn't explain the problem, you are welcome to send your files to
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